Following up with the burger joints, this one is called Burger Joint New York.

Many years ago when I was living in London, my house mate was a Norwegian chef who later moved to The Big Apple. So on a visit trip to NYC, I met Morten, such is his name, and he took me to this burger joint hidden behind a curtain in the lobby of Le Meridien Hotel if my memory recalls correctly, which, according to him, served the best burgers in the whole of Manhattan. And they were good!

Fast forward to 2015 and the Burger Joint opened its local branch in Nation Galleria. As with most transplants, the local incarnation is lacking soul. That’s not to say their burgers are bad because they’re not, it just feels exactly that, a transplant. The vandalised feel and look are similar,  with the written tables, walls and light features but it doesn’t feel organic; rather, it’s designed vandalism. The location is a little awkward in the first floor of the mall, which seems to be almost exclusively visited by people working in the offices above, or so it did in a Wednesday afternoon at least.

I love the entrance to the restaurant. A side, dark and mysterious corridor leads you towards the main door. This first impression is of surprise as the interior design is quite unique.

The menu is interesting both in content and design: it’s handwritten in a piece of cardboard with food in one side and beverages on the other. Simple. The burger options include beef and chicken. Crispy chicken with Cajun sauce was my choice for the day which was very crispy and remained quite hot even after the five minutes I spent on Instagram before the first bite - extras include things such as whole pickles or The Works. Fries are also additional [is this a new trend?] and can be plain or cheesy.

The burgers come served on a nicely polished wooden plate, which looks a little incongruous as it’s too perfect for the supposedly vandalised surroundings. Maybe they’re just new and have not had enough time exposed to customers’ markers and tipp-ex pens. I would have thought an aluminium tray would have been more fitting. The beverage selection is the usual with Coke range, so after the experience in the last BJ visited I decided to order a Coke, which comes in glass jar as it’s the fashion nowadays, yet this is a purpose made one with very thin glass, which felt too high end and didn’t seem to fit the overall concept of the venue.

The joint has a large terrace which is most certainly an advantage during the milder weather months, but it floods the dining room with light and it somehow renders the idea/design of a dive unsuitable, had I come at night I most probably wouldn’t have noticed it…

So, concluding, the Burger Joint it’s a really fun place to come and spend some time with friends, pre or post-cinema perhaps.

Burger, chips and coke AED 62.-

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