Healthy Eating in Saadiyat Island

Yesterday after work I dropped by Fanr Restaurant in Manarat AlSaadiyat [the place where Abu Dhabi Art takes place] to take some pictures and try some of their new offerings, precisely their new healthy menu. It seems to be the trend these days but Fanr has really nailed it! I had a roasted artichoke, fresh mushroom and rocket salad with pomegranate jewels and Parmesan shavings for my starter and poached chicken breast with button mushrooms, cous-cous salad and a light chive dressing for my main; what wasn’t mentioned in the menu was the fact that they drizzled it with a bit of truffle oil, to add more flavour and a little surprise element to it, and oh! it works…. The menu has a full list of ingredients and calorie count for the really health conscious. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, to be honest.

To wash it all down I had water, of course. But since I consider water a little boring they made me a tomato, ginger and peach smoothie of sorts which was not only delish but of course healthy! [This comes to prove healthy doesn’t really have to be bland or boring as some, yours truly included, tend to think….].

An interesting thing is that they have their own herb garden and some of the herbs and veggies used in their salads are taken from there, so it’s also super organic as there’s virtually no footprint, other than the one left by the person tending the “garden”

Their coffees are really good and service is relaxed and casual yet unobtrusive and professional. The one thing I must mention is they have a really nice outdoor space, but unfortunately, and this is out of the restaurant’s control, there’s a lot of flies and possibly all the birds in the city go nest in those trees so come the late afternoon/early evening the noise the birds make is verging the unbearable. I sat indoors.

Fanr is in Manarat Al Saadiyat, in Saadiyat Island, opposite Cranleigh School.                   For reservations and information call 02.657.5888 or email

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