SALT - Outdoor Burger Trailer


Wasn’t that a film with Angelina Jolie in which she’s a police officer? Or is she a Russian spy? Or both? Whatever!

This morning I woke up unusually early. And by “unusually early” I mean before 6:00 and there was only one thought in my head, and it was on loop: Take pictures. Of anything. Now! So I showered, and for the first time I felt cold when I entered my bathroom [arguably never been in there before the sun managed to warm the room up; yes you guess right, the bathroom is East-facing], got changed and off I went to try and find something I would take pictures of before the sun rose. Driving around I found an Airstream trailer turned into a burger joint. The setting is rather interesting: the trailer, a side counter for beverage preparation and a mixed grass-and-sand pit with makeshift patio tables, chairs and parasols. Needless to say the joint was closed at that time of day so after taking a few shots of the outdoor area I decided I’d come back later to try their burgers.

As it turned out, FIND SALT, such is the proper name of the joint, is a much talked about and successful enterprise from two Emirati ladies who opened their first branch in the Kite Beach in Dubai two years ago and have now expanded to Abu Dhabi and Ajman. The menu isn’t what I’d call extensive: Chicken Cheetos and the obvious stars are the two Wagyu offerings: The Original [pickled cucumber, melted cheese] or “The Hook” [classic + lettuce, jalapeños & spicy sauce], either single or double patty. The fries are extra and they come in three different versions: original [plain], cheese [melted processed cheese] and fire [same melted processed cheese and same spicy sauce & jalapeños as the burger]. Nothing to write home about to be honest. The patties come in between a nice fluffy brioche bun, overall the burgers are small but they come in pairs, which is kind of cool and not so small after all. This is a no-frills type of place; you order and pay at the counter and you get given one of those vibrating things to warn you when your food is ready for collection. At the counter you can also find wet towels, paper napkins, plastic forks and condiments. No table service. As the seating is in the middle of the sand-pit it takes a while to get to the counter and back. I’d advise you do the collection with a friend if you have one in tow as carrying the bag/box back to your table plus all the extras can be a little cumbersome through the sand. On the beverage kiosk they have the usual soft drinks [Coca-Cola range. Yuppie!!], milkshakes and lemonades. I had a strawberry flavour pink lemonade. I should have had a Coke.

The staff are pleasant enough but they don’t go above and beyond. The gentleman in the beverage kiosk seemed a bit all over the place considering it was well past 12:30 when I was there for lunch and he didn’t have the ice ready for my drink, or for drinks in general for that matter. In his defense in the back of his t-shirt the word “trainee” was written.

The location, just outside Mushrif Central Park main entrance is simply phenomenal, as there’s lots of shaded parking. In conclusion, it’s a fun place to go for an unpretentious bite with friends with lots of smiles from the staff, but not if you expect a little service. It’s also worth noting that although it’s not expensive, it isn’t good value either.

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