Summer’s Gone. Almost.

Summer is almost gone. The prove is in the cloudy sky we had this morning. No. Not really. There is no prove, but it’s a nice thought to have I guess…

It’s been tough after almost two years of absence in the region. “Humidity is what kills” -everyone says- and “you just have to make sure the transition from air-conditioned-place into air-conditioned-place is as short as possible,” et voilà! Easier said than done me thinks….

I have done a lot this summer: travel, move apartment, travel, work, travel and in the midst of it all I drunk a lot of iced lattes, some homemade [like the one pictured] and others from Starbucks; yeah, I know… I just can’t help it. There’s two things I secretly like: 1- Starbucks lattes and 2- Enrique Iglesias. But I’m not the only one who secretly likes Enrique, it’s just for some odd reason no one would ever admit it. So don’t judge me; and yet I feel I have neglected my photography a bit. A lot actually. Done some things here and there for the mags and hotels, but not been very active and so nothing much came though. I intend to change that. “How?” you may ask, well, I’ll be going to eat out a lot more. I used to be a fine dining bunny but with time that gets a little boring, so will start looking at layman’s dining places and writing my experiences here. Mainly I’ll focus in the city of Abu Dhabi, basically “home,” but with time I can see myself venturing out into the outside world also known as Dubai. 

So stay tuned. I’d love to hear from you :)

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